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Farewell Gifts

Farewell is always a teary occasion. Even when people are going in search of new and better ventures it is never entirely happy. At the best it can be a bitter sweet experience. At these times it is quite common that one would wish to exchange as a parting memento to be remembered forever. Often it becomes tough to choose a farewell gift because we want it to be special because the future is uncertain and we want to make the best of the present (pun intended). Here are some ideas as to what can be a good farewell gift.

One good idea for a farewell gift is to take a photograph or a picture which has a lot of significance to the person you are gifting it. It would be better if it is of some significance to both of you because then it would be like forging a bond between you. Then you can get it framed and gift it to that person with a personal note. Another good idea for a farewell gift is to get a lot of snaps and pictures of the place where the person lives at present and make it into some form of a coffee book. You can use some professional help to make it look good.

Make a friendship certificate and gift it to the person you want to give as a certificate of merit. This certificate would contain details to how the person who is leaving has been a great friend and influence in your life. Writing a poem or a song depicting all the experience you have had together and the void that person' absence is going to create would make for a great farewell gift. Self made cards with personalized messages can also be used as farewell gifts.

Make a scrapbook with all the small details about home, school, work place, hangouts, special occasions and festivals. Chronicle all the experiences you had together, use pictures and photographs to make it colourful, write autographs and farewell messages from all the near and dear ones, decorate it beautifully and gift it. It is a great option for a farewell gift. Thus give any gift but it should from the heart.
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